Copyright, Copyleft, and Copywrong

We are going to research and discuss the important issues of copyright law as it pertains to education.
Video from Bbachenheimer

Beginning the conversation

Basic premises of copyright law
UT intellectual property rights primer
Georgia Southern University Classroom Guide to Copyright
Generational Divide in Copyright
ASCAP FAQ for licensing
Wikipedia article on copyright
BYU Copyright Licensing Office
Cornell University Public Performance
An Education in Copyright Law


What does copyright law protect?
How do you know something has passed into the public domain?
Where can you show a movie licensed for private home viewing?
What license comes with most music CD’s?
Why does it matter whether we follow copyright laws?

Fair Use
U. S. State Department Fair Use


What is the purpose of the fair use exclusions?
What do the fair use exclusions allow teachers to do? Students? Others?
What are the conditions and limitations of the fair use exclusions for teachers? Students? Others?

Educational uses
Copyright laws for teachers

Wikipedia article on copyleft


How does copyleft differ from copyright?

Creative Commons
Creative Commons home page
Flickr Creative Commons search

What are the types of Creative Commons licenses?
What are some resources of Creative Commons licensed materials?

Recommendations from training classes