Chapter 2 is all about teaching. He talks a bit about blogs and they are the container for this teaching, but make no mistake, this is all about teaching. Watch some of the videos below. No need to watch all of them. Notice the range of countries that are represented and the range of student ages. We will discuss some of the applications of blogging in the classroom and share some classroom blogs that you have found.

This You Yube video has requested that embedding be disabled, but you can click the link to view a CNN World report about blogging in the classroom.

Check some of the blogs below that show student interaction. Look at how the students participated on them. There are a lot of similarities in the way students participated, but there are a lot of ways they are different. In the discussion tab, I would like to focus on a couple of things. First, try to find a blog that a teacher uses with their students and share it in a reply to my post in the discussion tab. Then, let's discuss your thoughts on how teachers can use blogs with their classrooms, from the "simpler" class events and homework (I know that it takes time and really isn't simple, but comparatively...) to the more complex student interaction models.

The Blogical Minds Blog
Our tech teams Thomas Friedman blog post with student participation
Where in the World is Mr. Carl (Our mystery blog)
Mr. C's Class Blog
The Kinderkids Blog
The AP Calculus Blog
MO Prairies Please! Not a blog, but a lesson plan for a blogging project.

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