1. What is the value of technology in education? Preparing for real world application and experiences. Student learning through real world application. It is also purpose driven and provide immediate feedback.
  2. How do we prepare students for the knowledge age and beyond? Teach the students the starting off point, model of increasing difficulty (high expectation activities), and let them research and create as far as they want with in the rules.Give them opportunities. Teachers should be knowledgable in technology and provide a purpose driven activity.
  3. What tools are appropriate for the classroom? Cell phones, Ipods, appropriate technology, podcasts, utube, teacher tube, powerpoint, united streaming, wiki. Also provide appropriate search activities.
  4. How do we create technology-based activities that accompany the curriculum? Any activity can be applied to technology
  5. Tell what barriers you have encountered to using technology in your class.
  6. Tell how those barriers can be overcome so that we prepare our students to be 21st century workers.
  7. Tell how this staff development day has gone. Include how can we improve it and how has it been successful. Too drawn out. Not enough laptops for the all the teachers.