1. What is the value of technology in education? Competitive Edge, Chance for students to become creative, Real World Experiences,
  2. How do we prepare students for the knowledge age and beyond? Show students that technology is not just enrichment but part of the learning experience. Use hands on applications, exposure in higher level applications
  3. What tools are appropriate for the classroom? age appropriate
  4. How do we create technology-based activities that accompany the curriculum?
  5. Tell what barriers you have encountered to using technology in your class. Time - there is never enough of it, not enough computers in classrooms or labs, teacher lack of familiarity (confidence), not on the TAKS test, different levels of abilities for students, some students do not have computers at home
  6. Tell how those barriers can be overcome so that we prepare our students to be 21st century workers. incorporate technology with instruction, model, utilize wireless labs,
  7. Tell how this staff development day has gone. Include how can we improve it and how has it been successful. Need handouts with step by step instruction, more advance notice, Very informativie, extremely enthusiastic, One guy will be a Wiki-Machine!, If this course was a ceral it would be Wikilicious with a toy inside!