1. What is the value of technology in education? Engages students, provdes multiple ways to engage students of various learning styles and interests, prepares for learning and working in the workplace, opens up access to more information, and how to share that information.
  2. How do we prepare students for the knowledge age and beyond? More hands on experience, we need to be teaching information acquisiton and appropriateness with use of this technology, that they need to be available to acquire knowledge at all ages, they need to learn to problem solve with the technology. Keep current with the technology.
  3. What tools are appropriate for the classroom? Almost any tool can be used if it can be monitored for appropriateness.
  4. How do we create technology-based activities that accompany the curriculum? We can see what other teachers are doing and remix it for our students' needs. we can have interactive wikis, blogs, all using the Scope and sequence and aligned with the TEKS.
  5. Tell what barriers you have encountered to using technology in your class. No computers in the classroom. Need software. Some students don't have computers at home. Time in the class period to do activities.
  6. Tell how those barriers can be overcome so that we prepare our students to be 21st century workers. More money for computers, block schedules, computer lab time, faster internet
  7. Tell how this staff development day has gone. Include how can we improve it and how has it been successful. It was helpful and we learned a lot. The afternoon was most productive. Happy to be signed up for online course. Don't need to read online courses in entirety. Perhaps do more of afternoon activities in morning. Shorter breaks, perhaps