1. What is the value of technology in education? Speaking the student's language allows educator's to challenge status quo and creates opportunities for higher level thinking.
  2. How do we prepare students for the knowledge age and beyond? Ongoing education of both student and teacher as current technology evolves.
  3. What tools are appropriate for the classroom? Updated hardware and software as they become available- keeping current with technological advances and ability to actually implement them into everyday lesson planning.
  4. How do we create technology-based activities that accompany the curriculum? Utilizing staff development opportunities and peer collaboration, research and practice.
  5. Tell what barriers you have encountered to using technology in your class. Not enough workstations, inadequate programs, lack of funding, scheduling of units such as the laptop cart, the projector which causes frustration. When teachers have used diligent planning to create and address technology and are unable to implement it due to recurring issues, it makes it easy to give up and go back to the less stressful way of presenting information.
  6. Tell how those barriers can be overcome so that we prepare our students to be 21st century workers. Fund allocations, prior planning for advances in technology, and access to support are all important to allowing a level of success that all teachers across the curriculum and grade levels can achieve.
  7. Tell how this staff development day has gone. Include how can we improve it and how has it been successful. Good information with lots of follow-up for us to complete and move forward with the integration of technology into our classroom. Great job Jamie! Very informative.