Using Internet Video Sharing Sites

Embedding Video

Using blogs to extend your classroom To add a video from You Tube into a post:1. Go to (students CANNOT access You Tube from their Novell logins)
2. Find the video you want to use
3. On the right hand side of the page, look for the embed code. In You Tube, it will be directly to the right of the video clip.
In Teacher Tube, it will be called "Embeddable" and should be highlighted in yellow on the right hand side of the page.
4. Click the link to the right of the embed code that says Customize.
5. In the customize section click the option that says do not show related videos.
6. Click the Customize link again to save the setting and close the customize section.
7. Copy that line of code (highlight, then click Edit, then Copy)
8. Login to your Communities page.
9. Click on your Name in the upper right corner of the screen
10. Click the Site Options tab
11. On the Content Editor (4th one down), change Enhanced to Plain Text.
12. Click Save Changes
13. Under "My Communities" on the right, click the name of your Community
14. Start a new post
15. Give it a title and assign it a category, if applicable.
16. Right click inside the large body window and choose "Paste."
17. Click Submit
18. Your video is now online!
Go to your blog and play the video all the way through to make sure that the related videos do not show up.
Remember - go back to Steps 7 & 8 and change Plain Text back to Enhanced so that you will have to toolbar for future posts.