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Unit Plan Blogs
Unit Plan Collaboration
Unit Plan IntRes and DigStory
Unit Plan Keyboarding
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Technology Applications 6-8 Curriculum Writing Agenda
Technology Application 6-8 possible units (strands)
Scope and Sequence example and blank template
Unit examples, blank template, and descriptor Lesson plan blank template

Welcome Discussion of Keyboarding as a 6 week unit plus daily warm-ups

Review of Technology Applications 6-8 TEKS (located in TechApps Workspace)

Review Units (strands)

Sketch Scope and Sequence for 18 Weeks Create Unit Plan for Keyboarding

Explore Blogs and Create Unit Plan for Blogs
What is Blogging?
Student example from Audrey Hill
A Philosophy major
A Law student
A blogger that keeps track of student blogs

Explore Wikis and Create Unit Plan for Wikis
Mrs. Gustin's wiki
Mrs. Maines wiki
The Flat Classroom Project

Explore Digital Storytelling and Create Unit Plan for Digital Storytelling

Internet literacy
Create and Write Lesson Plans for each unit above

Tech apps practice wiki